was launched seventeen years ago with a brand promise to help our clients build and profitably scale a digital channel for customer acquisition. The company name was defined by the state of the market. Marketers and ad agencies alike understood that media buying was a discipline and that discipline now existed in digital. Although media buying is still an explicit and clear function, the name does not fully articulate the brand promise and business services that define our firm’s offering.

Today we announce that “” is now Blacklight /MA; a digital media and analytics practice engineered to illuminate and scale profitable customer segments resulting in marketing executions that operate ”In the Black”.

The brand promise remains as do the core principles that have been the foundation of the business for almost two decades.

  • Architect for Success
  • Shorten Learning Cycles and make them more Efficient
  • Execute with Rigor
  • Surface Deep Data and Make it Actionable
  • Know the client’s business so we can See the Opportunity

My partners and I invite you to contact us to discuss the brand promise and evaluate the services that support our name change.

We assert, “Name change, Principles remain”.

Andrew Wagner
Founder/Managing Partner