Blacklight/MA Team with Lightsaber


Twenty one years ago we launched Blacklight/MA with the goal providing clients a media and analytics service to deliver against their stated P&L goals. We partnered with business line owners and key marketing personnel to contract, deploy, measure and optimize their digital media mix.

Our first client, Providian Bank charged us with explicit credit card adjudication goals which required the provision of deep funnel booking data for optimization. The card application was not an acceptable proxy. Platformed on Doubleclick we worked in Visual Basic to provide actionable data for modeling and decisioning media optimization.

Well, from that point onward, we attracted complex marketing challenges in many business verticals over indexing in FinServ/FinTech and Education. It seemed that every client wanted deep funnel optimization requiring data procurement and join/union with a reporting layer that provided actionable data.

Today, the team members at Blacklight/MA continue to be operators leveraging the Google Marketing tech stack as well as AWS, Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop. We maintain a lean organization and live in the day to day execution, fully engaged with our clients, our team, our tech and our publisher partners. Along the way we framed up our brand promise and core principles. In fact, we like to say we are "Principals maintaining Principles".

Brand Promise

Illuminate and scale the profitable media executions which result in client business models that operate "In the Black".

Core Principles

Architect for Success
Shorten Learning Cycles
Execute with Rigor
Surface Deep Data and make it Actionable
Know the Client’s Business